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CannaCon returns to in-person events in 2021

CannaCon returns to in-person events in 2021

CannaCon has announced it will be returning to in-person events in 2021. This year’s event lineup will include a series of expos that are dedicated to developing and growing cannabis business opportunities. Expos and education tailored for businesses to connect with other businesses will take place in several locations across the south and midwest.  

What is CannaCon?


In the fast-paced and volatile business that is the cannabis world, revisions to laws and regulations can quickly shift the way a brand operates. Staying educated and on top of trends and industry news is incredibly important for any and every brand and business. Luckily, the world is slowly returning to a more normal state, and with that cannabis, conferences are made more available.

Business owners can attend educational seminars, many of which are CE accredited at the CannaCon events. Bring a pen and get ready to take plenty of notes, as professionals in the industry will be speaking at dedicated panels and keynote addresses. See the dates and how to get signed up below.

Even if you simply have an interest in cannabis, you’ll find that CannaCon offers something for everyone. Enjoy an open marketplace of products and services available for purchase directly from manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. CannaCon is the space that connects small local retailers and large manufacturers.

Why you Should Attend CannaCon and other Cannabis Conferences

Attending a cannabis conference, whether in-person or online, is an excellent way to connect with leaders in the industry, share ideas, and learn from a range of thought-leaders and innovators. Actively seeking networking opportunities is vital in any business, but it’s nearly impossible to be entirely self-sufficient in such a small and interconnected industry. CannaCon is unique because it is a business-to-business specific cannabis conference. Gaining contacts for a new distributor, connecting with an extract manufacturer, or even just making a few new colleagues in the industry all will aid in the future growth of your brand. 


Cannabis Conferences

CannaCon Dates And Cities

More states are legalizing recreational cannabis, making it possible for cannabis conferences to expand into the midwest and southern states like never before. CannaCon announced events for 2021 will happen in the following major U.S. cities:

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (May 27-28)
  • Detroit, Michigan (June 25-26)
  • Chicago, Illinois (August 6-7)
  • Biloxi, Mississippi (September 11-12)
  • Columbus, Ohio (January 7-8, 2022)
CannaCon Dates & Cities

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