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Gron CBN Products

Grön Case Study

Grön Is A Leader In the Consumer Cannabis Edibles Space

Samuel Soong, VP of Sales Gron
Samuel Soong, VP of Global Sales

Grön's VP of Global Sales Discusses Growth Through CBN Isolate

The introduction for CBN to our product portfolio has generated significant revenue growth (gains in market share) across multiple categories for both our domestic THC and global CBD businesses.

CBN was first “introduced” into the THC Oregon market through two products in July of 2020. During the first 90 days, we experienced tremendous revenue gains that were directly attributed to the addition of CBN into our product offering.

The impact was so successful that we opened up CBN into our Global CBD business with the inclusion of 5 additional SKUs, October 2020. 

Continuing with the success we saw in Oregon; we activated an additional 6 SKUs in our Nevada and Arizona THC markets and will include these SKUs in every newly regulated THC market.

CBN Growth Performance

Growth Summary

Grön, Oregon’s second-largest (by revenue) edible company, successfully launched multiple CBN products over the past 10 months. Grön was the first brand to release a CBN SKU into the THC market with their Harmony 1:1:1 (THC : CBD : CBN) Blackberry Lemonade Pearls in July 2020. Soon after they launched a second flavor: Mellow 2:1 (THC:CBN) which debuted in September.

Impressively, these two products are ranked #1 and #2 for Grön in Q1-21 sales, and their CBN products represented over 23% of brand sales in Q1 2021 alone.

Grön now has over 11 unique CBN infused SKUs across both their THC and Global CBD offerings and will continue to create new products utilizing CBN amongst other cannabinoids.

Gron Product Offering CBN CBD
Christine Smith, Founder & CEO of Grön
Christine Smith, Founder & CEO of Grön

Grön's Founder & CEO, Christine Smith Discusses CBN Growth

“The launch of our CBN-infused edibles has confirmed our belief that the community is hungry for something beyond the intoxicating effects of THC. The value of CBN reaches across all demographics and offers an experience that existing products in the market haven’t yet delivered.”


Grön is a leading manufacturer of edible cannabinoid creations that strikes a balance of efficacy and deliciousness in their products, garners a large and passionate customer base, and has a reputation for progressing the consumer edibles space.

Company Info

Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Portland, Oregon
Employees: 80+
Websites: eatgron.com & shopgron.com

Markets Served

Regulated THC Markets: Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma (Q3-21)
Global CBD Markets: USA, Japan, UK. Latin America

Infused Edible Offerings

80+ SKUs
– Gummies
– Chocolates
– Tinctures

Infused Edible Offerings

Willamette Week 2019 Best Edible Runner Up ● WWeek 2019 Best Cannabis-Infused Product 2nd Place ● Willamette Week 2018 Best Edible Runner Up ● Willamette Week 2017 Best Cannabis-Infused Product ● Willamette Week 2017 Best Edible Product ● Dope Industry Award Finalist 2017 ● Dope Industry Award Finalist 2016 ● Dope Cup Award Finalist 2016 ● First ODA licensed edible processor ● First OHA/OLCC Process Certification 2016 

Why Add CBN to Your Product Line?


Most often, CBN is used as an effect based add-on to cannabis and hemp consumer product formulations. The most popular SKUs to include CBN have been marketed for sleep, however, increasingly companies are creating CBN infused products to alleviate stress and promote relaxation.

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CBN Market Report, Cannabinol

Want to learn more about the CBN market?

We’ve published our Q1 2021 CBN Market Report providing early insight into the widespread consumer adoption for CBN-infused products. Download the full report below.

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