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How to find the Highest Quality CBN Isolate Wholesale Partner

How to find the Highest Quality CBN Isolate Wholesale Partner

Once you’ve taken the step to deciding to integrate CBN into your current or new product line, the challenge begins. How do you find the highest quality CBN Isolate Wholesale Partner? We have you covered in this blog post.

CBN Supply Chain

It’s an exciting time, you’re ahead of the curve and you’ve decided to include the quickly growing CBN to your new or existing product line. But now you have a new problem ahead of you: How do you get the highest quality product? 

Brokers may be a known quantity, but it’s often expensive, inconsistent, and has the distinct possibility to be unreliable as the market matures. You want to include this product, but you need to protect your company. That’s why we recommend going straight to the source with an in-house manufacturer. In this post, we will guide you so you know exactly what to look for in a CBN Isolate Wholesale partner so you can limit your liability with a high quality and dependable solution.

Wholesale CBN Isolate

Understand CBN Manufacturer Certifications

These are important in ensuring that your partner is a fully legal and legitimate manufacturer. cGMP and ISO9001 certifications are particularly important and exist to ensure you get the same consistent quality in every batch. Not to mention if you are hoping to get your product through FDA approval, these two certifications will be a requirement. 

The Business Filing and Certificate of Liability Insurance are good to check for to ensure that the partner has their ducks in a row, and your investment protected.

To start, look for these in an overall CBN Isolate partner:

CBN Supply Partner Licenses & Certificates

CBN Supply Chain

These are some examples of licenses and certifications that you should look for in a supply partner.

  • GVB ODA Hemp Grower License

  • GVB ODA Hemp Handler Certificate

  • GVB ODA Hemp Handler License

  • GVB USDA Organic Certification

  • GVB ISO9001 Certification

  • GVB cGMP Certification
GVB Industrial Hemp Handler Certificate Certified CBN Wholesaler
For Example Only

Limit CBN Supply Chain Risks

The supply chain journey is extremely important. Do you know all of the hands that your product passes through? For example, here is the FloraWorks Supply Chain map:

CBN Supply Chain FloraWorks

FloraWorks sources all hemp material inputs for the manufacturing of CBN Isolate from GVB Biopharma. Established in Oregon in 2016, GVB surpasses FloraWorks’ expectations of quality and transparency.  All biomass used in the manufacturing of FloraWorks CBN is grown under GVB’s USDA Organic Certification and is extracted in their ISO9001 and cGMP processing facility using ethanol.

Ready for a CBN Isolate Wholesale Supplier?

FloraWorks was formed out of a passion for cannabinoid science with a mission to be a leader in helping the world become less reliant on big pharma for wellness solutions. The Company is committed to providing our supply partners with both excellence in product and service. We recognize that exceeding our partner’s expectations is the ultimate measure of our success.

By always upholding the highest standards for quality, purity, transparency, and customer service, we hope to build long-lasting partnerships that help shape a better future.

We can’t wait to meet you.

You can also download all of our documentation to review at your leisure here.

Micah Hogan, Sales Director

We look forward to helping you plan a successful CBN product launch!

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