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We believe in the power of collective innovation.

FloraWorks ideates alongside our partners from a foundation of knowledge and experience, developing high-quality consumer products derived from hemp compounds.


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Consumer Applications of Premium Cannabinoids

Simply put, the application opportunities for premium cannabinoids are immense. Today, consumers are not only becoming more familiar with the presence of cannabinoids like CBD and CBG in their foods, beverages, and topicals, they are seeking these molecules out for treatment of both physiological and psychological ailments. FloraWorks exists at the cutting-edge of these developing markets, relying on the power of progressive technology and formative partnerships to bring quality cannabinoid ingredients to consumers and businesses alike.

About our Premium Cannabinoid Ingredients

Floraworks specializes in the isolation, refinement, and application of numerous rare and commercial cannabinoids with a wide application base.


FORMULA  -  C21 H26 O2

This rare cannabinoid often only found in trace amounts of aged cannabis has been shown to have unique physiological effects that have already started getting traction in a variety of consumer products. Similar to other cannabinoids, CBN binds the endocannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. Interestingly, CBN has a higher affinity for the CB2 receptor relative to the CB1 receptor which may partly explain the building anecdotal evidence suggesting that CBN offers many positive attributes of cannabinoid use without the psychoactive high.

Potentially the most disruptive cannabinoid to hit the market this year.

Often known for promising sedating properties which may aid sleep. Early-stage research has shown that cannabinol may also provide general relaxation, pain reduction, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and neuroprotectant properties. While additional studies are required to solidify any health claims, CBN does appear to have the potential to provide a number of health benefits associated with other cannabinoids, including THC, without the unwanted psychoactive effect. Certainly, CBN offers a significant “first mover” advantage by creating new experiences for consumers and big opportunities for businesses.


FORMULA  -  C21 H30 O2

Cannabichromene, or CBC, is considered one of the big six cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. CBC is non-psychotropic and shares a number of properties with other cannabinoids. CBC is a CB2 receptor agonist and therefore could have beneficial effects on tissues where the CB2 receptor is present such as the peripheral nervous system and the immune system.

Potentially the next important rare cannabinoid to hit the market

Published studies indicate that CBC has anti-inflammatory effects in multiple animal models including the induced rat paw edema and experimental murine colitis models. Also, an in vitro study in activated macrophages indicated that CBC could temper pro-inflammatory signaling cascades. In addition to inflammation, CBC has been studied in animal depression models where it appears to improve outcomes and antibacterial. As with other cannabinoids, CBC may prove to have specific attributes which make it the ideal cannabinoid for specific product types.


FORMULA  -  C21 H32 O2

CBG, although being the first cannabinoid produced by the plant and the precursor to all the other cannabinoids, is considered a minor cannabinoid due to its low concentration in the mature flowers in common hemp and cannabis strains. Historically CBG was produced from “young” plants that hadn’t fully matured and still contained relatively higher levels of CBG. In recent years, high CBG strains have been bred in which the CBG is not processed as efficiently in the plant and therefore builds up to higher levels.

The precursor cannabinoid, made first by the plant.

CBG is a member of the group of non-psychotropic cannabinoids, meaning it is non-intoxicating and doesn’t induce a high in users. Published studies indicate that CBG may have effects on a wide range of physiological processes including pain, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. In addition, the molecule may be protective for neurons and has proven to be a potent antibacterial agent.  As with the other cannabinoids, CBG’s unique properties likely result in a specific range of effects within the body that could prove beneficial for specific wellness applications in the future.

CBD Molecule


FORMULA  -  C21 H30 O2

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the most well known cannabinoids available commercially, having quickly   
become a popular ingredient in the wellness market.

Main Street’s Cannabinoid.

CBD can be found in everything from lip balm to ice cream to energy drinks, and is on its way to becoming a key ingredient in the wellness market. The increase in accessibility following passage of the Farm Bill has led to increased consumer awareness for CBD. As the market matures we expect an increased expectation of transparency and quality for this popular ingredient. FloraWorks is at the cutting edge of this effort, working to isolate qualities for CBD on its own and in broad spectrum applications to ensure the best formulation is being used for the desired effect and consumer perception.

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