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CBN Sleep Revenue

MJ Biz Daily reports that CBN might be cannabis industry’s surprise hit

MJ Biz Daily reports that CBN might be cannabis industry’s surprise hit

In a recent article, MJ Biz Daily reported the growing popularity of CBN, especially when it comes to sleep products, and looked at the market share and revenue for CBN products for marijuana retailers.

CBN Edibles Market Share

They reported, “Sales of products containing CBN – almost entirely edibles, at this point – totaled more than $65 million in the past four quarters for adult-use retailers in California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon, according to data provided by Seattle-based data-analytics firm Headset and FloraWorks, an Oregon supplier of hemp-derived cannabinoids such as CBN.”

CBN Edibles Market Share


Next, MJ Biz Daily broke down the data by four of the top states in Recreational Cannabis Sales.

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CBN Revenue by State

They said “​​Sales of CBN edibles in Oregon, Nevada and Colorado were almost nonexistent in June and July 2020, but they ended June 2021 at 9.7%, 6.5% and 3.8%, respectively, as a percentage of each state’s edibles market.”

How is CBN Produced?

With all eyes on CBN, it’s important to take a step back and look into how this particular Cannabinoid, that has been around for almost 90 years, is produced, and why it’s skyrocketing towards success now.

How is CBN Produced?

Long story short, while CBN was discovered a long time ago, mass production of it was not practical, until now!

Want to learn more About CBN?


To learn more about the recent growth in CBN sales, read the full MJ Biz Daily article here!

To learn more about CBN production, or to look into purchasing wholesale CBN, contact FloraWorks today!

FloraWorks sources all hemp material inputs for the manufacturing of CBN Isolate from GVB Biopharma. Established in Oregon in 2016, GVB surpasses FloraWorks’ expectations of quality and transparency.  All biomass used in the manufacturing of FloraWorks CBN is grown under GVB’s USDA Organic Certification and is extracted in their ISO9001 and cGMP processing facility using ethanol.

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