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Bringing your products to life.

We are a collection of passionate builders committed to excellence and fueled by the power of formative
partnerships. We work diligently to align industry-leading standards, current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and innovative thinking to create the best output for our partners.


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Building your brand through quality ingredients

Today’s cannabis market is changing. Increased clinical research, regulatory requirements, and industry transparency is creating a more informed consumer weary of misleading labels and sub-par ingredient sourcing. Trust in ingredient integrity is becoming more important daily. Let FloraWorks’ industry leading expertise and responsible manufacturing practices place your products in the trusted category across your industry.


Quality assurance is the backbone of our business. Through in-house analytics and third-party validation, our quality control process ensures accuracy and purity in every step of the manufacturing lifecycle.

ISO9001 Certified
cGMP Certified

Navigating the Hemp & Cannabis Market

Regulatory Guidance - We understand the unique challenges of operating in the cannabinoid space and can be your partner to navigate through the confusing and nuanced rules and regulations around the world.

Market & Consumer

The cannabinoid industry and consumer market can be difficult to decipher. We provide our partners with a global perspective to help explain the issues, understand trends and highlight the opportunities that could affect their products and services.

Excellence in Partnership

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