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What's the next big thing for vapes? CBN, and here's why.

What’s the next big thing for cannabis vapes? CBN, and here’s why.

Vape pens have revolutionized the way people consume cannabis and have quickly become a leading revenue driver for the regulated cannabis market.  One example can be observed in California, where the market share of vape cartridges has reached over 17% of all sales, according to data provided by Headset. While there is no question that the vape market will continue to grow and yield high margins for businesses, the question remains: How do you set your product apart in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive?

Cannabinoid blend products are unquestionably the next trend in cannabis the market is moving towards. Millions of consumers have already shifted their buying habits toward CBD-enhanced products that provide a well-rounded vaping experience. Now CBN is seeing exponential success in the recreational edible market with sales surpassing $20 million retail in CA, OR, NV, and CO in Q1 of this year alone! See the FloraWorks 2021 Q1 market report for more info on the sales data. The recent availability of rare cannabinoids paired with ever-increasing consumer education creates the perfect opportunity to add cannabinoids such as CBN to THC-dominant vape products and create winning products that are targeted to the consumer’s desired effects.

Why Vape CBN?

Simply put, CBN is quickly becoming known as the sleep cannabinoid making it incredibly marketable to a large audience who turns to cannabis products for insomnia-related issues. In fact, according to BDSA, over 35% of all cannabis consumers purchase cannabis to help them sleep. The convenience of CBN in a vape cartridge product is highly appealing. A few puffs of a CBN enhanced vape pen, and the user experiences the effects immediately, opposed to the 30-60 minute onset of an edible. Vape is the obvious choice for consumers who want a product that can provide immediate relief. 

START with wholesale cbn AT THE SOURCE

Why vape CBN?

Crafting a quality vape cartridge starts with a responsibly sourced extract. Transparency is crucial from your extract provider. Isolate suppliers should provide up-to-date documentation on test results and compliance. The product should be free of pesticides, residual solvents, microbiological contamination, and heavy metals. Manufacturers and suppliers should also adhere to GMP and ISO standards in the production of CBN and other cannabinoids. 

CBN Product formulation specifications

CBN can be effective in several different ratio plans with other cannabinoids. FloraWorks tested 3 different ratio blends over 60 days to ensure products would not crystallize at concentrations of: 

1:2 (CBN:THC)

1:2 CBN:THC Ratio

1:3 (CBN:THC)

1:3 CBN:THC Ratio

1:4 (CBN:THC)

1:4 CBN:THC Ratio

FloraWorks conducted the research for you, specific to a CBN x THC blended formulas so that your brand may quickly move straight to releasing CBN vape products to the market. 


FloraWorks prioritizes the success of our customers, which includes access to our knowledge center for product formulation needs. Our in-house team of chemists is always available to troubleshoot formulation issues and to provide realistic solutions to help you bring your products to market. We have also created a CBN Vape production calculator to help your brand estimate production needs. Compare ratios for either a .5 gram or full gram cartridge, enter in the number of cartridges needed, and instantly see the amount of CBN needed for production. 

CBN Vape cartridge Demand calculator


The FloraWorks teams combined 25+ years of cannabis and hemp industry experience and consistently analyzes CBN market data each week. When you partner with us, your team gains access to our knowledge and experience because we recognize the success of our partners is our success. Ready to get started with creating a CBN vape product? Please let us know how we can help. 

Micah Hogan, Sales Director

We look forward to helping you plan a successful CBN product launch!

Mobile 541.771.9869 Email micah@flora-works.com

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