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Where to buy Wholesale CBN Isolate

Where to buy wholesale CBN Isolate

Looking to buy high-quality CBN isolate that’s ready for production?
FloraWorks is here to assist with all your bulk CBN isolate order needs.

Enhance your products with CBN

Are you looking to manufacture and sell your own CBN edible gummies, vapes, capsules, or tinctures? FloraWorks provides high purity CBN isolates sold in bulk with no minimum order quantity. This CBN is ready to be added to any products manufacturing right and available at discounted prices when bought in bulk.

  • Beverages (wide range)
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Over The Counter Formulations
  • Cannabis Vape (THC:CBN)
  • Hemp Vape (CBD:CBN)
  • Custom Ratios
  • Tablets & Capsules
  • Powders
  • Gummies, Bars, Snacks, Treats
  • Creams & gels
  • Lotions, Emulsions & Suspensions
  • Spray
  • Inhalation & Vaporizor Products (Vape Pens)

Quality, Consistency, and Purity of our Bulk CBN Isolate

You and your customers will love our ultra-pure, cGMP compliant hemp-derived CBN that is ready for manufacturing right away. FloraWorks will meet your needs to produce a CBN product that has the same quality, purity, and experience every time. FloraWorks CBN isolate is both tested by a third-party and tested in-house during the entire manufacturing process. In-house testing does not just maintain quality, it improves it. Consistent testing of our CBN isolate allows us to hold ourselves to our own higher standard of CBN product quality while always offering the most competitive market price.z

Is CBN right for your brand’s product line?

According to our recent market report, sales data indicates that products containing CBN are moving off the shelves fast. In fact, the market share for CBN edibles in California nearly tripled in just one year. CBN’s natural sedative properties make it an excellent choice for sleep-marketed products, and the sales data shows that sleep sells. 24 of the sleep-marketed CBN products we analyzed made over $19.5 million in retail sales in Q1 alone.

Considering CBN Vape Blends?

When considering adding CBN to your recreational cannabis vape blends, consider cannabinoid synergy and how CBN may help to enhance the experience of the products you already offer. CBN:THC, CBD:CBN, and CBN:THC:CBD blends are just a few of the varieties you can already find on the market.


How to order bulk CBN isolate

FloraWorks is a world leader in hemp-derived CBN isolate. A partnership with FloraWorks is more than just a supplier relationship, it’s access to our team of expert chemists that are here to assist with product formulation and relevant market trends. 

Ready to order and already know how much CBN you need? Order directly from the FloraWorks website here. For consultation and bulk pricing, contact our Director of Sales below with questions or your order:

Micah Hogan, Sales Director

We look forward to helping you plan a successful CBN product launch!

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