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FloraWorks is the cannabinoid enterprise of the future; an innovative, highly-specialized research and development company that designs, manufactures, and distributes high quality hemp compounds with a focus on CBN, Cannabinol for use in a wide variety of enterprise and consumer supplement applications. 


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Cannabinoid Isolation

We are technical leaders in the science of cannabinoid isolation. Using proprietary refinement methods, we are able to target highly effective cannabinoid compounds, isolating them for purity and dosage accuracy. We provide these ingredients in a variety of bespoke application formats.

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Specialized Formulation

Ingredient selection is foundational in the product development process, and knowing you can get the exact ingredient formula for your products and a consistent experience for your customers. At FloraWorks, we take out all the guesswork by formulating bespoke cannabinoid ingredients that correspond with a product’s technical specifications.

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Formulation Strategy

How cannabinoids interact with a carrier or excipient in relation to how the cannabinoid is released are fundamental in developing effective, high quality products.
We recognize that the efficacy of all supplements, nutraceuticals & natural medicines is based on bioavailability. Addressing this issue is a key element of our development process.
Solubility in Water

Important cannabinoids such as CBN (cannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are naturally occurring oils that are insoluble in water upon initial extraction and refinement. To ensure proper efficacy in products and applications like beverages, topical formulations, sprays, supplements and more, proper solubility in water is a requirement.


Increased Absorption and Bioavailability

Absorption of oils requires optimal function of the complete digestive tract, liver, and pancreas. Absorption can also be affected by the diet, age and health conditions of the user. Enhanced absorption and bioavailability requires specific and technical formulation, essential for any supplement or consumer applications.


Improved Stability

The stability and shelf-life of cannabinoids is affected by myriad uncontrollable external factors, such as exposure to sunlight, air, heat, and other factors. Furthermore, cannabinoids added to water, foods, creams and other products, can have their stability affected by exposure to unforeseen oxidizing agents, acidic or alkali conditions and reactive compounds. Customized formulations provide powerful tools for optimizing stability and maintaining efficacy and satisfaction by the user.


Taste, Odor and Other Characteristics

Taste is of paramount importance in food and beverage products. Odor has an equal, yet underrepresented importance. Terpenes, which are abundant in cannabis plants, can have strong aromas which may be carried over into extracts, concentrates and even purified cannabinoids. Formulation provides the opportunity for addressing the taste, odor, texture and other characteristics for the specific products and applications.

Complete Product Development

Whether you are inventing a new product to bring to market or improving one that already exists, we can help take your product from benchtop ideation to commercial-scale. Our technical team is composed of PhD chemists and engineers who realize the importance of consumer quality and commercial viability. To assist with bringing products to market for our partners, FloraWorks applies it’s full suite of experts to creating a “Complete Solution”, helping you develop an entire product line with a broader consideration in mind.

Validated Technical Expertise

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the backbone of our business. Through in-house analytics and third-party validation, our quality control and assurance process safeguards product’s for accuracy and consistency in every step of the manufacturing process. The benefit is passed along in close working relationships with our partners, guiding them through customized product formulation, targeting delivery methods and specially tailored cannabinoid profiles to bring products from concept to commercialization.

Regulatory Guidance

For consumer applications, precise formulation is critical to ensure accurate dosing of the desired product. As cannabis products, and their associated regulations, proliferate in the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world, so to comes an increase in focus on quality, testing, product specifications, potency, stability and other product characteristics.

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